Graceland Building Features

All Graceland products come standard with a patented Aluminum Soffit Vent System, metal roof with and full length ridge vents, 5/8″ quality floor system, treated 4×6 notched runners, teated 2×6 floor joists, treated T1-11 siding  and urethane finish, 2×4 reinforced doors. Galvanized ring shank nails are used (hold like screws and don’t rust). All joists are on 16″ centers, except for the floor joists in the garage series, which are on 12″ centers. The metal roof is laid onto solid substrate instead of spaced lath. The metal roof comes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Available options include 24×36 and 36×36 windows (double pane available), fiberglass door (9 lite or solid), 6, 8 and 9 foot roll-up garage door, 48″ single wood door, 72″ double wood door, railing for 16×24 or 16×40 side porch cabin, handrails for standard front porch cabins, “G” Board Radiant Barrier (for roof). Flower boxes, window shutters are also available in matching or contrasting trim.

Graceland uses quality materials and quality Mennonite constructions techniques, so we can offer a

• Seven-Year Warranty on Craftsmanship

• Quality standard: we have a stringent 2-stage inspection process to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

• Top quality material: we utilize top quality materials on each and every building, no “material upgrades” necessary.

• Ventilation: Graceland’s Exclusive Patented Aluminum Soffit Vents extend the full length of the soffit on both sides of each of our portable buildings, allowing our buildings to be cooler and drier inside than any other product on the market.

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